HOMER, N.Y. 13077

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Having been raised in the Pacific Northwest, I must say, my relocation to the finger lakes region of upstate New York has been most inspiring and productive for my stone art.  My family remains scattered from Hawaii,and Oregon, up to the Kenai penensula in Alaska, down to Florida’s gulf coast, enabling me to gather supplies from which I create my unique form of expressive art pieces that are truly “one of a kind”,

The natural form and beauty of stone inspires me the most with its colors and textures of the layers that time has created.   I see art in everything and everywhere I go.  I started gathering things of the earth at a very young age and crated them around with me everywhere I went until I moved to upstate New York and settled down.  Now art pours out of me, and new creations just keep coming.   Finally, I started this business and I feel my art makes people stop and take a moment to look at the beautiful earth around them, and see for themselves.    

When you come to the gallery, it will be and adventurous experience you wont soon forget.   You will find yor self going from object to object, in awe of the use of such a diverse array of natural objects, to form artistic sculptures in perfect harmony with the designing principles of Mother Nature.




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